🇳🇿 Squid just before dark, On a Yamashita pink squid jig
🇳🇿 Blue cod pandemic, every cast brings a blue cod in Marlborough, New Zealand
🇳🇿 Gurnard
🇳🇿 A beautiful rainbow trout from Lake Gunn in New Zealand
🇳🇿 Wife's catches!
🇳🇿 Kahawai
🇳🇿 Conger eel, Good to eat or not??
🇳🇿 What is for dinner tonight?
🇳🇿 Paua, Abalone from New Zealand!
🇳🇿 Red moki, Blue cod, Paua(Abalone), Green shells
🇳🇿 Salmon fishing! Girls went wild
🇳🇿 Today fishing in New Zealand
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🇳🇿 Just for fun
🇳🇿 Fishing in Punta del este