🇳🇿 OMG, what the hell just happened? Not one of those days again, please! by Mark Totzke
OMG, what the hell just happened? Not one of those days again, please!


1 month ago by dazzling79
😵The most annoying thing in the world!! Tangled line!!OMG😫😤
1 month ago by kingiFiddler
Spinfisher? Pfffft, get an Alvey and be done with it.
1 month ago by kingiFiddler
Nice tangle though. That's a cut and start again job. Although, the rest of this week is looking wet and windy so maybe it could be a challenge to untangle that mess? With a hurt shoulder and sulking at the great weather this weekend, I hit the man cave and noticed it was high time to bring some order to the piles of line spools in my 'fishing stuff' bin. Having made up soem quick racks for the spools I need to confess to having way more line that I'm ever going to need. If you need to spool a new reel and need 25 or 40lb solid braid (kairiki or tasline) sing out. Also got so many spools of 30/40/50lb leader material from almost a year of testing and experimenting. Mono and fluoro and also combos of both (fluoro coated mono) and colours from clear to green to pink/prawn.
1 month ago by Mark Totzke
haha sounds like you got half a fishing shop in your garage :) It wasn't the Spinfisher it was the Balzer reel that I got last year for testing and reviewing. It's not really made for my tough handling. Already had to fix it a few times and now the internal gears are stuffed. That's why I got this tangle. The spool doesn't move up and down anymore. The reel went into the bin together with the tangle ball. I think I'll have to stop by next time I'm down your way. Looks like you got lots of nice stuff on offer, haha. An Alvery reel for testing and some braided line doesn't sound bad :)
1 month ago by kingiFiddler
Will let you know when the hoodlums turn up. And yes, the line testing got out of control. I wish the stores would do 4m test samples of leaders instead of 30m or more spools. It sucks buying a whole spool only to realise the line isn't the value I wanted it to be and the rest of that line is never going to be used. Also, line needs to be different things for different people. So things I look for in a good line aren't what others might like. I've got some berkley fluoro I really like but a mate thinks it's too stiff. There's Ande mono that distorts in weird ways - just kinda flattens out but doesn't really kink, and I still like it because I've yet to break it, fish hit it, and its cheap. Different horses for different courses.

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