🇳🇿 Awesome Yellowtail Kingfish by Mark Totzke
Awesome Yellowtail Kingfish


1 month ago by PT Edward fisher
Great catch Mark. Pls. feel free to air freight it to me frozen if you need more freezer space. I'd love to taste it!! I was skunked this morning.
1 month ago by Mark Totzke
haha, cheers. I definitely need more freezer space. Which I could share some with you. We shared more than half of it around the campsite we're at. And the rest of it gets smoked, pickled and some eaten fresh :) Lots of meat on a fish that size.
1 month ago by kingiFiddler
nice one!
1 month ago by Mark Totzke
Thanks 🙂👍
1 month ago by dazzling79
Beautiful fish for Sashimi! 🫶

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