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My dog loves paddle board fishing too by Mark Totzke


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NemoNothing - Jun 19, 2017
Been thinking about getting one myself, simple,...don't ya just love dogs, best friend alright, ...and great fishing companion. ....enjoy
itsaboat - Feb 15, 2017
Paddle across the Tasman and you will be two buoys alright...haha
Mark Totzke - Feb 15, 2017
haha - I can only see two young boys on the picture.
Maxwell reckons it's no problem for him to paddle across the Tasman. Although he's been known to be a little over-confident in his abilities. He also reckons he can catch and take on a great white shark without any problems.
itsaboat - Feb 15, 2017
That dog looks just like it's owner...old and hairy :):)

No wonder it is trying to hitch a boat ride to Australia !!! :):)
dazzling79 - Feb 14, 2017
Sooo cute!

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