🇳🇿 My wife's first snapper with drone fishing by Mark Totzke
My wife's first snapper with drone fishing


2 years ago by snakeeye
2 years ago by dazzling79
Yoohoo! Drone fishing! The way to go!
2 years ago by Petesnake
Hey Mark, that’s great, do you have much legislation regarding drones? Here in South Africa we already have restrictions with more coming it seems.
2 years ago by Mark Totzke
Hey Pete, yeah I think we'll be getting more and more rules about flying drones in the future. At the moment it's still pretty good in New Zealand. But there are also already many places where you can't fly drones. You can also only fly to a certain height and at a max distance where you can still see it. I don't use it on busy beaches or fly near any people. Just launch close to the water, fly the hooks out and bring it right back. So nobody get's bothered or thinks I might be filming them. There are specific websites where you can check for no flight zones and other regulations. We're lucky here. It's winter now and we have heaps of beaches all to ourselves. If it was summer, I'd make sure to walk to more remote places before launching the drone. I think most of the recent drone panic and all the resulting restrictions come from people flying their drones in irresponsible ways, over private property, over other peoples heads, filming everywhere without asking for permission and just annoying other people in public places. Hopefully rather than restricting and banning drones, there'll be some form of registration system and pilot licenses in the future.

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