🇳🇿 snapper and trevally caught from SUP by Mark Totzke
snapper and trevally caught from SUP


1 year ago by itsaboat
Sitting down on the job again...I see :) Must be getting warm over there...sunnies and shorts this time of year ?? Bbrrrrr.
1 year ago by Mark Totzke
haha - yeah. fishing first! Still bloody cold. Took me ages to warm up again. Wish I could wear my jeans on the paddle board ;-)
1 year ago by dazzling79
I think it is warmer than usual in NZ. This winter doesn't feel like winter. Yeah, I imagine it might be bloody cold to get in the water at dawn though.
1 year ago by Bill V D Westhuizen
In the cold season I do my fishing at the fish monger . After His wrapped the fish I ask him to throw it to me. Nobody can argue I didn't catch it.
1 year ago by itsaboat
Is that a piece of wrapping paper I see stuck to the snapper tail ?? haha...If I was a fish monger I might throw things at as well...coming into my shop with hairy legs and Crocs with no socks,,,hahahaha

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