🇳🇿 good old snapper by Mark Totzke
good old snapper


7 months ago by dazzling79
👍 good catch and good photography as well
7 months ago by sallad61
That is one of the best tasting fish in the sea!,good plate size snapper & thread-fin salmon fresh are my choice. Mark I`m green with envy mate sitting here in Wauchope with 40 degreee heat & no bloody air con!!!.
7 months ago by Mark Totzke
thanks mate, yeah snapper is pretty good eating. Although very easy to overcook. We had this one as ceviche with tacos and the head, wings, ribs and frame was brined and then hot smoked. Nothing wasted. The wings and ribs are actually my favourite parts. A little more fatty than the fillets. Getting pretty hot here on the South Island too at the moment. Good 35 degrees today. Busy trying to find some shade somewhere 😉

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