🇳🇿 Kingfish caught on my paddle board by Mark Totzke
Kingfish caught on my paddle board


5 days ago by dazzling79
4 days ago by sallad61
WoW man that`s good fishing!,just one Q how did ya know you were going to catch it & have someone to take the pic Mark?😀😳
4 days ago by dazzling79
Well said👍 He has got the full time camera woman working for him. But never get paid😭😭
4 days ago by fish21
Hey Mark what a great catch
4 days ago by Mark Totzke
Thanks guys. Yeah had my wife following me on the kayak to get the shot. Got some nice video footage as well on how he was towing me around on the paddle board. Will be on YouTube soon 😉 I knew the kingfish were around this day. Could spot the from the paddle board. Was really really lucky that we were out with kayak and sup to film it.
3 days ago by hat
Great catch Mark and great shot by your wife.
1 day ago by Gloria van der westhuizen
Now I've found a second use for my wife while out fishing instead of just opening the next cold one.😄😃😀😂 Nice catch mate.

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