🇳🇿 Nice big Kahawai from the Westhaven Inlet by Mark Totzke
Nice big Kahawai from the Westhaven Inlet


4 weeks ago by dazzling79
Does anyone know a good recipe for Kahawai or Australian Salmon?
4 weeks ago by itsaboat
In Australia it is common to make fish cakes with them. Just filet and remove the blood line (the red flesh). Remove the skin. Mince and follow whatever fish cake recipe you want. I think they make very good Thai fish cakes. Foil baked (or BBQ) whole is also very good. Scale and gut and leave the head on if you like. Fill the gut with herbs of your choice. Mint, Thai basil and coriander works good. Then make 3 or 4 slices with a sharp knife through the flesh to the spine. Do that on each side but make sure the cuts do not line up.. Put half a lemon slice (half moon) in each cut and a small knob of butter. Put some butter in the cavity with the herbs. Wrap in foil and bake or BBQ.
4 weeks ago by dazzling79
Thanks. They have fishy tasty somehow their own. I think fish cakes and fish curry might be ok with lots of spices to disguise the fishy taste 😉
3 weeks ago by hat
Great catch Mark
3 weeks ago by Mark Totzke
thanks hat 👍

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