🇳🇿 Wife's catches! by dazzling79
Wife's catches!


11 months ago by itsaboat
File for divorce !!...Oh, hang on, if he owns a big boat and knows how to cut bait keep him. Otherwise throw him back and file for divorce :)
11 months ago by dazzling79
Yes! Keep him for now. He can make the pickled Kahawai for me
11 months ago by Mark Totzke
... and someone needs to kill and fillet the fish
11 months ago by fish21
nice catch ,do you bleed them or just put them in ice?
11 months ago by dazzling79
Bleed them right after catches. Always bleed Kahawai. I didn't know if I can put kahawai in ice without bleeding.
11 months ago by fish21
they say putting them immediately on a thick salt ice slurry is the same as bleeding Kahawai but i don't know
11 months ago by dazzling79
Oh! A good tip! Thanks. It is not very a comfotable job to bleed Kahawai on a Kayak. Might try to get a bag of salt ice on the way next time.

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