🇳🇿 Nice bag of seafood. Sea urchins, abalones, blue moki by Mark Totzke
Nice bag of seafood. Sea urchins, abalones, blue moki


2 months ago by itsaboat
Nice...Have you had urchin before? They are not worth the effort in my opinion. However, turning them into a sauce is worth it. I just make a basic veloute [pronounced VEL-OOT-AY]. Normally made with chicken stock but fish stock works very good too. If you make a proper veloute it will have no seasoning at all because veloute is a building blobk which you make your target sauce from !! I then cream the urchin roe (really the urchin gonads). I add the roe to the veloute until I get a good strong urchin flavour. Then start to season but go slowly because the urchin wacks a punch with flavour when you start to season. I like to use just blue vein cheese. No salt or pepper !! Just blue vein cheese. But of course you can season with what you want, even just salt and white pepper works good.
2 months ago by Mark Totzke
Nice, must try your recipe. I love them raw. Depends on the time of year but at the moment they are ripe and full with nice creamy sweet roe. We just crack'em open and eat the roe. Yummy. I'll give your recipe a try next time as there are tons of urchins around. We call them kina over here.
2 months ago by itsaboat
Yeah give it a go....You can freeze the sauce to. Being a veloute base it freezes very well. So you can have that great urchin flavour all year...Do your self a favor for the flavour and DON'T use shop bought stock !! Make your own so that you know there are no seasoning in it. You really want the stock bland. You can use chicken necks or wings which are cheap or de-bone a whole chicken and use the bones. Or use any fish off cuts. The shop bought stock is loaded with salt and stuff to make it "ready to use". Nothing wrong with that but it is too much for the urchin....One more tip. When you think the sauce could do with one more pinch STOP. Even if you are going to use the sauce straight away, you will find the flavours develop even more in just 10 or 15 minutes. It is personal choice of course. But if you start with a basic bland veloute then you will only have yourself to blame if the flavour is over powering :)

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