🇳🇿 My first elephant fish by Mark Totzke
My first elephant fish


1 month ago by dazzling79
it looks really interesting. 😲
1 month ago by itsaboat
Great catch ! I have never seen an elephant fish in real life let alone catch one!! Don't tell me...you use peanuts to catch them?? haha :)
1 month ago by Mark Totzke
they are really cool looking fish, aye? I got him on half a banana prawn. These guys prefer shellfish baits. Mussels, crabs and prawns is the way to go. But maybe you're onto something with the peanuts. I shall try next time, LOL
1 month ago by sallad61
Mark heard if you can teach a mouse to swim ya scare the shit of those fish & then catch bare handed,LOL,did ya notice the ear`s at all on em?.have fun training mice mate
1 month ago by Mark Totzke
Haha, the ears were missing. I wonder what would be the equivalent to a mouse in the sea. Maybe they are afraid of seahorses. 😂

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