🇳🇿 elephant fish, new zealand by Mark Totzke
elephant fish, new zealand


1 month ago by dazzling79
A huge tasty monster!👍
1 month ago by itsaboat
WOW...I hope you have a big freezer in the bus :)
1 month ago by Mark Totzke
haha, yeah unfortunately not. We gave more than half away to some fellow campers :) Tons of meat on it. Cooking some now for dinner.
1 month ago by Bubba
The different fish species there are amazing Mark. Do you have a book that tells you which fish to eat or avoid? It's easier here.. nothing poisonous. Nice catch.
1 month ago by Mark Totzke
Hey Bubba, I think all the fish here are edible but some just don't taste so good. An exception is maybe the puffer fish up north which can be deadly. I know most of the fish you can catch here, so only rarely need to look up something. I like the challenge of catching new species. So usually I go and learn as much as I can about a certain species, like the elephant fish here, and then go and try to catch one.
1 month ago by Bubba
Good stuff Mark. I'd love to get there one of these days.....? Brian
1 month ago by Mark Totzke
Yeah hopefully we'll be able to travel again, aye? If you ever come over here let me know and we'll go fishing together 🎣🎣🐟
1 month ago by Bubba
Thanks Mark. It would be nice.

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