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3 weeks ago
by johnjohn
An Interesting Top Water Experience
Hello forum, Had an interesting experience ...
johnjohn 3 replies
1 month ago
by itsaboat
The Solunar Clock Must be Broken
Started fishing 1 hour after the Major and left ...
itsaboat 2 replies
1 month ago
by itsaboat
First Time Fishing In 3 Years
Well. first time in saltwater in 3 years...My ...
itsaboat 6 replies
2 months ago
by rickyfelder
Fish run. Surfside area in Freeport Texas
What type of fish running at this ...
rickyfelder 3 replies
2 months ago
by tammy_lilbit
fish in fresh water may be little sharks
Well I caught a trout yesterday . When I cleaned ...
tammy_lilbit 3 replies
3 months ago
by itsaboat
toxic algal bloom in west lakes South Australia
there is a toxic algal bloom killing fish in west ...
gnatsum289 1 reply
4 months ago
by itsaboat
Jealous of my cousin in Cooktown Far North ...
pinko 7 replies
5 months ago
by itsaboat
Caught this salmon
randyzx 1 reply
5 months ago
by Sheddie
At Marlo
Waiting for the wind to drop so i cn do a bit of ...
Sheddie 2 replies
5 months ago
by Mark Totzke
Newbie coming on board!
From Corpus Christi, Tx. (Hurricane Harvey ...
rgon2000 1 reply
6 months ago
by hat
Good catch today
Got a good catch today, including this. I ...
davidgibson61 2 replies
6 months ago
by Mark Totzke
Fishing on a "Poor Day"
Fishingreminder rated 10-11-17 as a "poor day". ...
larry40 5 replies
6 months ago
by larry40
Shore Fishing Southern Ca.
Fishing the coast,(from shore) took a dramatic ...
larry40 0 replies
7 months ago
by fishunter
Planning for fishing trip to Eastern Region Al Khobar
Getting too bored in the heat of Riyadh. I always ...
Ahsan 9 replies
8 months ago
by Mark Totzke
Smoky skies, great bite in British Columbia!
While the skies of British Columbia are still ...
Charles Wood 5 replies
9 months ago
by itsaboat
I am a huge fan of fishing and I am all for ...
RodBen1953 1 reply
10 months ago
by Shad
Sardine run in KZN South Africa
Shad 0 replies
10 months ago
by NemoNothing
Petition to STOP Commercial Netting in the Great Sandy Marine Park
Hello,I just signed the petition, “Dr ...
NemoNothing 6 replies
10 months ago
by PDS
Mixed Bag
Recent fishing afternoon at Windang did not ...
PDS 4 replies
11 months ago
by angealies
Pan fishing
Pan Fishing is as good as it has been for a long ...
bigcat 1 reply
11 months ago
by itsaboat
Hello, ...
Whitey Laidlaw 1 reply
1 year ago
by Lee Enfield
clean the cobwebs trip - reef fishing in close South Coast NSW
Hi allFirst time out for 1 year off Ulladulla, ...
dcook14 4 replies
1 year ago
by djnez2017
Knight Landing Striper Fishing
Knight Landing striper has began and yesterday i ...
djnez2017 2 replies
1 year ago
by tugsman
In the winter
okay, ...
tugsman 0 replies
1 year ago
by JonB
Thanks for a great web site for fishing info.I am ...
JonB 4 replies
1 year ago
by fishman 1
Fishing on a poor day...
Wow how wrong can the oracle be.... described as ...
fishman 1 4 replies
1 year ago
by Peeps
Canal cat fishing
Hi. I'm Louis and I like fishing for cat . in ...
Peeps 0 replies
1 year ago
by Phil420
love fishing - fishing spots in Harrison township
Hey,good morning! Anyone know of a fishing spot ...
Phil420 0 replies
1 year ago
by Charlie817
Crappie fishing locations in Texas - fort worth
need help trying to find best crappie lake in ...
danco1955 1 reply
1 year ago
by Mark Totzke
confused on tide reports
the flagler tides say a high tide at 1041 am and ...
rasdoug 3 replies