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1 year ago
by Sajjad Ali
Fishing places in Abu Dhabi
Hello there,I'm a newbie in fishing and boating ...
Jibi_blue 65 replies
11 months ago
by barham.ib
Fishing Spots in Dubai
Can anyone suggest good fishing spots in Dubai , ...
askFM 46 replies
1 week ago
by itsaboat
Killer Bream Bait...
I thought I might share my favorite killer bream ...
itsaboat 34 replies
1 month ago
by mammassan
Kayak fishing UAE
Hi, I've recently started kayak fishing in Dubai, ...
AJC 33 replies
2 years ago
by AndyS
How to use a drag net for catching flounder
I love to eat flounder, pan fried with a little ...
markt 30 replies
8 months ago
by Rawhide
Catfish wishin not catfish fishin
Can somebody please help me i need a good recipe ...
dustylee 26 replies
4 years ago
by markt
New to fishing in NE Florida
Hello guys! I recently moved to St. augustine, FL ...
Mholdenpvb 25 replies
7 years ago
by MOParker
solunar theory and freshwater fishing
out of interest, do you also use the system for ...
askFM 24 replies
2 years ago
by markt
Testing New Website
Just published a major website upgrade. It's been ...
Mark Totzke 23 replies
1 month ago
by tuppo2491
Introduce Yourself at the new Fishing Talk Forum
Hello everyone.I thought it is time to allow a ...
markt 22 replies
5 years ago
by romeoduquejr
Surf Casting in Dubai
Hello anglers, can any one suggest some good ...
samersamir 21 replies
1 year ago
by AndyS
Hi everyone, just found the site and am looking ...
Charlie817 20 replies
8 months ago
by itsaboat
weather reports way off
can you fix the stats on your weather please , ...
Gravel 20 replies
1 week ago
by scorpio07
Fishing success - with a porta bote
Hi guys, went out in my Porta-Bote three times ...
scorpio07 20 replies
9 months ago
by Waldemarr Solomon
NEW: Solunar Fishing Clock
Hi everyoneI have been working on a new mobile ...
markt 19 replies
2 years ago
by itsaboat
saltwater reel
Hello folks, what's a good saltwater reel under a ...
f250 18 replies
1 year ago
by frappa
Hello from Stockholm!
Hi am new here and me and my wife like fishing ...
frappa 17 replies
1 year ago
by itsaboat
What ><(((('> Is It
Hi, I was hoping to get some help Identifying ...
DefaultDodge 17 replies
2 weeks ago
by TheSESmith
Two rainbow trout from same lake with big difference in taste
I was fishing for trout at Lake Grasmere ...
Mark Totzke 16 replies
1 year ago
by Mark Totzke
NEW: Fishing Weather Charts
Hi AllI've been wanting to create better fishing ...
markt 15 replies
6 years ago
by markt
snapper still in close
:cheer: jus come back frm an early morning fish ...
softbait bob 15 replies
2 years ago
by markt
I cannot seem to change my location to Rockport, ...
electricaldoctor1 15 replies
2 years ago
by ladyandalure
Just wondering if there's anyone on this site from or near Gravenhurst, Ont. Canada ?
Hi !I joined in Sept. 2013, and use the ...
ladyandalure 15 replies
6 months ago
by booyah
Fishing reminder T-Shirt
(Invalid img)The new Fishing Reminder ...
itsaboat 15 replies
7 years ago
by thegnome
NZ Elephant fish tactics
I have just taken up fishing for Elephant Fish ...
thegnome 14 replies
1 year ago
by ShabsZa
Newbie - abu dhabi fishing questions
hi there! i'm new to fishing.. my location is abu ...
patrickhntan 14 replies
2 years ago
by Leadangler
ice fishing
Well i keep seeing all the warm weather fishing ...
tammy_lilbit 14 replies
2 years ago
by Mark Totzke
Oh No...Site is Broken
Hi Mark,Looks like a gremlin is in the system. ...
itsaboat 14 replies
1 year ago
by ruste13
Just joined from Australia, any luck with this sites info?
Fishing in Melbourne, Aus at the moment.Just ...
Dec0004 14 replies
1 year ago
by nkhan1307
Error in tide chart
The tide levels and times do not match the local ... 14 replies