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9 months ago
by Sajjad Ali
Fishing places in Abu Dhabi
Hello there,I'm a newbie in fishing and boating ...
Jibi_blue 65 replies
2 weeks ago
by barham.ib
Fishing Spots in Dubai
Can anyone suggest good fishing spots in Dubai , ...
askFM 46 replies
1 year ago
by AndyS
How to use a drag net for catching flounder
I love to eat flounder, pan fried with a little ...
markt 30 replies
3 years ago
by markt
New to fishing in NE Florida
Hello guys! I recently moved to St. augustine, FL ...
Mholdenpvb 25 replies
6 years ago
by MOParker
solunar theory and freshwater fishing
out of interest, do you also use the system for ...
askFM 24 replies
1 year ago
by markt
Testing New Website
Just published a major website upgrade. It's been ...
Mark Totzke 23 replies
6 years ago
by michael johnson
Introduce Yourself at the new Fishing Talk Forum
Hello everyone.I thought it is time to allow a ...
markt 21 replies
4 years ago
by romeoduquejr
Surf Casting in Dubai
Hello anglers, can any one suggest some good ...
samersamir 21 replies
10 months ago
by AndyS
Hi everyone, just found the site and am looking ...
Charlie817 20 replies
1 year ago
by Wayne112
Catfish wishin not catfish fishin
Can somebody please help me i need a good recipe ...
dustylee 19 replies
1 year ago
by itsaboat
saltwater reel
Hello folks, what's a good saltwater reel under a ...
f250 18 replies
9 months ago
by frappa
Hello from Stockholm!
Hi am new here and me and my wife like fishing ...
frappa 17 replies
4 months ago
by itsaboat
What ><(((('> Is It
Hi, I was hoping to get some help Identifying ...
DefaultDodge 17 replies
1 week ago
by Crash70
NEW: Solunar Fishing Clock
Hi everyoneI have been working on a new mobile ...
markt 16 replies
11 months ago
by Mark Totzke
NEW: Fishing Weather Charts
Hi AllI've been wanting to create better fishing ...
markt 15 replies
5 years ago
by markt
snapper still in close
:cheer: jus come back frm an early morning fish ...
softbait bob 15 replies
1 year ago
by markt
I cannot seem to change my location to Rockport, ...
electricaldoctor1 15 replies
1 year ago
by ladyandalure
Just wondering if there's anyone on this site from or near Gravenhurst, Ont. Canada ?
Hi !I joined in Sept. 2013, and use the ...
ladyandalure 15 replies
6 years ago
by thegnome
NZ Elephant fish tactics
I have just taken up fishing for Elephant Fish ...
thegnome 14 replies
6 months ago
by ShabsZa
Newbie - abu dhabi fishing questions
hi there! i'm new to fishing.. my location is abu ...
patrickhntan 14 replies
1 year ago
by Leadangler
ice fishing
Well i keep seeing all the warm weather fishing ...
tammy_lilbit 14 replies
1 year ago
by Mark Totzke
Oh No...Site is Broken
Hi Mark,Looks like a gremlin is in the system. ...
itsaboat 14 replies
11 months ago
by ruste13
Just joined from Australia, any luck with this sites info?
Fishing in Melbourne, Aus at the moment.Just ...
Dec0004 14 replies
4 months ago
by nkhan1307
Error in tide chart
The tide levels and times do not match the local ... 14 replies
6 years ago
by Capt. Larry
Lake Lavon - Blue Cat Records!
Just wanted to say hi from Lake Lavon here in ...
Capt. Larry 13 replies
1 year ago
by Saugmon
Any saugeye fishermen out there?
They're hybrids from the male sauger and the ...
Saugmon 13 replies
2 years ago
by Anonymous
what to do with fish heads
I was wondering what you guys normally do with ...
markt 13 replies
1 year ago
by itsaboat
Who Is Mark Totzke ?
Is he one and the same as Markt ? Or do we have a ...
itsaboat 13 replies
1 year ago
by itsaboat
Want to know the fishing reports of Green Cape N.S.W
Is there anyone fishing along the coasr of ...
Morry Briffa 13 replies
9 months ago
by Stormchaser
Predictor Test
Alrighty! The predictor says the fishing will be ...
DougMo 13 replies