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Worldwide Tide Stations

Location Type Timezone
Boundary Pass, 2 miles NNE of Skipjack Island, Washington Current Sub America/Los_Angeles
Bournemouth, England Ref Europe/London
Boutilier Point, Nova Scotia Ref America/Halifax
Bouverie Island, Nunavut Ref America/Iqaluit
Bowdoinham, Cathance River, Kennebec River, Maine Sub America/New_York
Bowdoinham, Cathance River, Maine Sub America/New_York
Bowen, Australia Ref Australia/Brisbane
Bowlers Rock, Rappahannock River, Virginia Sub America/New_York
Bowley Bar, Middle River, Chesapeake Bay, Maryland Sub America/New_York
Bowman Bay, Fidalgo Island, Washington Sub America/Los_Angeles
Boy Scout Camp, Bohicket Creek, South Carolina Sub America/New_York
Boy Scout Dock, Loxahatchee River, Florida Sub America/New_York
Boynton Beach, Florida Sub America/New_York
Braddock Point, Hilton Head Island, South Carolina Sub America/New_York
Bradenton, Manatee River, Florida Sub America/New_York
Bradenton, Manatee River, Tampa Bay, Florida Sub America/New_York
Bradley Point, Bradley River, Georgia Sub America/New_York
Bradmoor Island, Nurse Slough, Suisun Bay, California Sub America/Los_Angeles
Bradore Bay, Québec Sub America/Montreal
Bramble Cay, Coral Sea Ref Australia/Brisbane
Bramble Cove, Tasmania Ref Australia/Hobart
Brandt Bridge, San Joaquin River, California Current Sub America/Los_Angeles
Brandywine Shoal Light, Delaware Bay, New Jersey Sub America/New_York
Brandywine Shoal Light, Delaware Bay, New Jersey (sub) Sub America/New_York
Branford Harbor, Connecticut Sub America/New_York
Branford, Branford River, Connecticut Sub America/New_York
Brant Rock, Green Harbor River, Massachusetts Sub America/New_York
Brazos Drawbridge, Napa River, California Sub America/Los_Angeles
Brazos Drawbridge, Napa River, Carquinez Strait, California Sub America/Los_Angeles
Breach Inlet, Isle of Palms, South Carolina Sub America/New_York
Breakwater Harbor, Delaware Ref America/New_York
Bremen, Oslebshausen Germany Ref Europe/Amsterdam
Bremerhaven, Alter Leuchtturm, Germany Ref Europe/Amsterdam
Bremerton, Sinclair Inlet, Port Orchard, Puget Sound, Washington Sub America/Los_Angeles
Brentwood Bay, British Columbia Ref America/Vancouver
Breton Islands, Louisiana Sub America/Chicago
Brevoort Harbour, Nunavut Ref America/Iqaluit
Brewer Point, Maryland Sub America/New_York
Brewer Point, Severn River, Maryland Sub America/New_York
Briars Creek ent., Wimbee Creek, Bull River, Coosaw River, South Carolina Sub America/New_York
Bribie Island, Bongaree, Australia Ref Australia/Brisbane
Brickyard Ferry, swing bridge, Ashepoo River, South Carolina Sub America/New_York
Brickyard Point, Brickyard Creek, Coosaw River, South Carolina Sub America/New_York
Brickyard, Québec Ref America/Montreal
Bridesburg, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Sub America/New_York
Bridgeboro, Rancocas Creek, New Jersey Sub America/New_York
Bridgeport Harbor, Bridgeport, Connecticut Ref America/New_York
Bridgeport, Raccoon Creek, New Jersey Sub America/New_York
Bridgewater, La Have River, Nova Scotia Sub America/Halifax
Bridport Inlet, Melville Island, Nunavut Sub America/Iqaluit