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Worldwide Tide Stations

Location Type Timezone
Rabaul, Papua New Guinea Ref Pacific/Port_Moresby
Rabbit Island, 5 miles south of, Atchafalaya Bay, Louisiana Sub America/Chicago
Rabbit Island, 5 miles south of, Louisiana Sub America/Chicago
Rabbit Island, Australia Ref Australia/Melbourne
Raccoon Ditch, Newport Meadows, Stow Creek, Delaware Bay, Delaware Sub America/New_York
Raccoon Key, east side, Florida Sub America/New_York
Raccoon Point, Caillou Bay, Louisiana Sub America/Chicago
Raccoon Point, Caillou Bay, Mississippi River Delta, Louisiana Sub America/Chicago
Raccoon Strait off Hospital Cove, San Francisco Bay, California Current Sub America/Los_Angeles
Raccoon Strait off Point Stuart, San Francisco Bay, California Current Sub America/Los_Angeles
Race Passage, British Columbia Current Ref America/Vancouver
Race Point, Massachusetts Sub America/New_York
Racoon Point, 0.6 mile NNE of, Washington Current Sub America/Los_Angeles
Racy Point, St. Johns River, Florida Ref America/New_York
Radstock Bay, Nunavut Ref America/Iqaluit
Rae Island, Nunavut/NWT Ref America/Edmonton
Rae Point, Nunavut/NWT Ref America/Edmonton
Ragged Keys, Biscayne Bay, Florida Sub America/New_York
Ragged Point, Coles Neck, Potomac River, Virginia Sub America/New_York
Raglan, New Zealand Sub Pacific/Auckland
Rahiroa (Rangiroa) Island Sub Pacific/Marquesas
Rahway River, RR. Bridge, Arthur Kill, New Jersey Sub America/New_York
Rainbow Bridge, Neches River, Texas Ref America/Chicago
Raine Island, Endeavour Strait Ref Australia/Brisbane
Rainsford Island, Nantasket Roads, Massachusetts Sub America/New_York
Ramrod Key, Newfound Harbor, Florida Sub America/New_York
Ramrod Key, Niles Channel Bridge, Florida Sub America/New_York
Randalls Island, Harlem River, New York, New York Sub America/New_York
Random Head Harbour, Trinity Bay, Newfoundland Sub America/St_Johns
Ranger Inlet, British Columbia Ref America/Vancouver
Rankin Inlet, Nunavut Ref America/Iqaluit
Raoul Island, New Zealand Sub Pacific/Auckland
Rapa (Oparo) Island Sub Pacific/Marquesas
Rasp Ledge, Seymour Canal, Alaska Sub America/Juneau
Rattlesnake Island, Australia Ref Australia/Brisbane
Ratz Harbor, Prince of Wales Island, Alaska Sub America/Anchorage
Rausu, Hokkaido, Japan Ref Asia/Tokyo
Raven Bay, Unalaska Island, Alaska Sub America/Nome
Raymond, Washington Sub America/Los_Angeles
Raynor Group, British Columbia Ref America/Vancouver
Reagan National Airport, Washington, D.C. Sub America/New_York
Reaves Point, Cape Fear River, North Carolina Sub America/New_York
Recife, Brazil Ref America/Sao_Paulo
Red Bank, Navesink River, New Jersey Ref America/New_York
Red Bay Point, St. Johns River, Florida Ref America/New_York
Red Bay, Prince of Wales Island, Alaska Sub America/Juneau
Red Bay, Strait of Bell Isle, Labrador Ref America/Goose_Bay
Red Bluff Bay, Alaska Sub America/Anchorage
Red Bluff, Australia Ref Australia/Perth
Red Dog Dock, Alaska Ref America/Nome