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Location: Ashburn
Local Time: 01:19 am
Timezone: America/New_York
Latitude: 39.0437
Longitude: -77.4875
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Sun and Moon
The sun will be at it's highest point at 01:08 pm. Today we have 13:34 hours of daylight. For shallow water fishing the twilight periods are often the most productive fishing times, especially on days when a major or minor time will coincide with twilight. In low light conditions predators have better cover for their ambush and often hunt in shallow water.
  • Nautical Twilight begins:
    05:19 am
    06:21 am
  • Sunset:
    07:55 pm
    Nautical Twilight ends:
    08:58 pm
  • Moonrise:
    07:55 pm
  • Moonset:
    06:03 am
  • Moon over:
    12:27 am
  • Moon under:
    12:59 pm
  • Visibility:
  • Full Moon Full Moon
Next New Moon in 14 days on 7th May
Full Moon is generally a productive time for fishing - especially night fishing. Bright nights mean that many predators feed more actively during the night. During full moon the gravitational pull is in line with the gravitational pull of the sun, affecting all wildlife and increasing feeding behaviour.
  • Distance to earth:
    400,729 km
    11.7 %
We can compare the current moon distance to it's minimum and maximum distance from earth and express that as proximity. A high proximity means the moon is closer to earth. At 50% it would be at it's mean distance. A high proximity causes big tides, currents and has a direct effect on increased bite times. A proximity greater than 90% indicates a super moon.
Moon Phases for Ashburn
Full Moon: Tue, 23 Apr - 07:51 pm
Last Quarter: Wed, 1 May - 07:27 am
New Moon: Tue, 7 May - 11:24 pm
Full Moon: Thu, 23 May - 09:55 am
Solunar Clock
Display Settings:
  • poor Day
/> 12 1 2 3 4 5 AM 7 8 9 10 11 12 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
The Solunarclock displays the best fishing times on a 24 hour clock. Green areas represent major bite times, yellow minor bite times, blue high and low tides, the center displays the moon phase and illumination (100%).
Best fishing times:
  • minor Time:
    05:03 am - 07:03 am
  • major Time:
    11:59 am - 01:59 pm
  • minor Time:
    06:55 pm - 08:55 pm
  • major Time:
    11:27 pm - 01:27 am

All times are displayed in the America/New_York timezone and are automatically adjusted to daylight savings. The current timezone offset is -4 hours. Green and yellow areas indicate the best fishing times (major and minor). Blue areas indicate high and low tides. The center shows the current moon phase which is a Full Moon at 100% lumination. According to the Solunar Theory, today is a poor day for fishing, but you need to cross check this with the current weather forecast for a final decision. Today some bite times coincide with sunrise or sunset. Those will be particularly good times for fishing and are indicated by sun icons. The next best fishing time ( ) starts in 3 hours and 43 minutes. The gray time indicator displays the current local time.
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Tides for Fishing: Tue, 23 Apr
Tide Clock
H I G H T I D E L O W T I D E 5 4 3 2 1 5 4 3 2 1
The Tideclock displays the tide status and the hours until the next tide. Currently the tide is falling and the next low tide is in 1 hour and 51 minutes.
Tide Graph
03:11 am 09:08 am 04:01 pm 09:39 pm AM PM 3.31 ft 0.39 ft height hour: 12 2 4 6 8 10 12 2 4 6 8 10 12
Tide Time Height
low 03:11 am 0.49 ft
high 09:08 am 3.31 ft
low 04:01 pm 0.39 ft
high 09:39 pm 2.85 ft

Tide Coefficient at 09:08 am is 126
Tide Coefficient at 09:39 pm is 98

For fishing, stronger tides are often favourable as they cause stronger currents and more motion on the sea bed. The above tidal coefficients give us an indication of how strong the tides are compared to their average. A value over 90 indicates very strong tides, known as spring tides. A low value indicates weak tides, known as neap tides. The tidal coefficient can range from 20 to 120 with a mean value of 70. A higher number usually indicates better fishing.
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Current Fishing Weather
Updating Weather Infos...
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7 Day Fishing Weather
The weather plays an important role in fishing. Wind strenght and direction often determine where you can fish and where fish might be holding. Although high pressure is usually good for fishing, steep pressure changes often trigger feeding frenzies and are great times for fishing. Of course temperature has also a strong effect on fishing and comfort on the water. So make sure to cross check the weather forecast with the solunar fishing times to determine the best times to go fishing. The graph below shows you the 3 hourly weather progression over the next 7 days. Scroll the graph left or right to see more.
Selected Weather Station: Leesburg, United States of America
Rain Precipitation
UV Index
Retrieving Weather...
Date Major Bite Times Minor Bite Times Sun Moon Moonphase Tide Times
Tue, 23 Apr
11:59 am - 01:59 pm
11:27 pm - 01:27 am
05:03 am - 07:03 am
06:55 pm - 08:55 pm
R: 06:21 am
S: 07:55 pm
R: 07:55 pm
S: 06:03 am
moon image
Full Moon
low: 03:11 am , 0.49 ft
high: 09:08 am , 3.31 ft , Coeff: 126
low: 04:01 pm , 0.39 ft
high: 09:39 pm , 2.85 ft , Coeff: 98
Wed, 24 Apr
12:10 am - 02:10 am
12:43 pm - 02:43 pm
05:27 am - 07:27 am
07:59 pm - 09:59 pm
R: 06:20 am
S: 07:56 pm
R: 08:59 pm
S: 06:27 am
moon image
Full Moon
low: 03:45 am , 0.49 ft
high: 09:39 am , 3.35 ft , Coeff: 128
low: 04:42 pm , 0.39 ft
high: 10:15 pm , 2.85 ft , Coeff: 98
Thu, 25 Apr
12:56 am - 02:56 am
01:30 pm - 03:30 pm
05:55 am - 07:55 am
09:05 pm - 11:05 pm
R: 06:18 am
S: 07:57 pm
R: 10:05 pm
S: 06:55 am
moon image
Full Moon
low: 04:19 am , 0.52 ft
high: 10:09 am , 3.41 ft , Coeff: 132
low: 05:22 pm , 0.39 ft
high: 10:50 pm , 2.82 ft , Coeff: 96
Fri, 26 Apr
02:01 am - 04:01 am
02:21 pm - 04:21 pm
06:30 am - 08:30 am
10:12 pm - 12:12 am
R: 06:17 am
S: 07:58 pm
R: 11:12 pm
S: 07:30 am
moon image
Waning Gibbous
low: 04:54 am , 0.56 ft
high: 10:41 am , 3.44 ft , Coeff: 134
low: 06:02 pm , 0.43 ft
high: 11:26 pm , 2.82 ft , Coeff: 96
Sat, 27 Apr
02:53 am - 04:53 am
03:13 pm - 05:13 pm
07:12 am - 09:12 am
11:15 pm - 01:15 am
R: 06:16 am
S: 07:59 pm
R: -
S: 08:12 am
moon image
Waning Gibbous
low: 05:33 am , 0.59 ft
high: 11:19 am , 3.44 ft , Coeff: 134
low: 06:43 pm , 0.46 ft
Sun, 28 Apr
03:40 am - 05:40 am
04:09 pm - 06:09 pm
08:05 am - 10:05 am
11:15 pm - 01:15 am
R: 06:14 am
S: 08:00 pm
R: 12:15 am
S: 09:05 am
moon image
Waning Gibbous
high: 12:06 am , 2.82 ft , Coeff: 96
low: 06:18 am , 0.59 ft
high: 12:03 pm , 3.41 ft , Coeff: 132
low: 07:27 pm , 0.52 ft
Mon, 29 Apr
04:39 am - 06:39 am
05:04 pm - 07:04 pm
12:12 am - 02:12 am
09:07 am - 11:07 am
R: 06:13 am
S: 08:01 pm
R: 01:12 am
S: 10:07 am
moon image
Waning Gibbous
high: 12:51 am , 2.82 ft , Coeff: 96
low: 07:08 am , 0.62 ft
high: 12:53 pm , 3.35 ft , Coeff: 128
low: 08:17 pm , 0.52 ft
*bold times indicate best fishing times around sunrise or sunset
Welcome To Fishingreminder - Your Ultimate Fishing Almanac

The aim of this website is to provide vital fishing information for planning successful fishing trips. We want to give you the best fishing almanac the internet has to offer.

Fishing is a great hobby and in order to catch fish consistently we need to consider a wide range of parameters. We need to familiarize ourselves with the habitat of the target species, look for good fishing spots, decide which tackle to use, check weather, wind and tides and make an educated guess about the best time to go fishing on a given day.

Fishingreminder is here to help you decide when to go fishing. Fish have feeding times just like us, we call them bite times. But their feeding times follow a natural rhythm of sun and moon. Because sun and moon will change during the years, months and days the bite times for each day will vary.

For that reason a specific theory was developed to describe and predict bite times. It's called the Solunar Theory. Fishingreminder uses this theory to calculate a fishing calendar based on sun and moon movements, tides and weather. We have even included knowledge from the ancient Maori fishing calendar in our calculations.

According to the Solunar Theory all wildlife and not only fish follow a similar feeding rhythm. Fishingreminder can therefore also be used for hunting and bird watching to find times of increased feeding activity.

Sometimes we are very busy with work and other commitments and don’t have time or forget to check for good fishing days regularly. Only to realize a week or so after new moon that we have just missed what could have been an epic fishing session.

That’s why Fishingreminder will scan the best fishing times for your location daily and remind you per email when you should go out fishing. Cause we know that nothing is more frustrating then to miss a great fishing opportunity.

On the site you will find Major and Minor Fishing Times, Sun and Moon information, Tide information if available and Weather info’s.

There is also a Forum, which you can use to ask people for advice or help others with your knowledge. In the Photo Section you can share your photos and show us what you caught and comment on photos. We also have an Article section and try to upload interesting articles and links to help you become an even more successful fisherman.

So have fun, explore the site and share your thoughts and catches with us.

All the best and good luck to everyone!
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you can change your display settings to either Farenheit or Celsius. Click on the settings symbol above the Solunar Clock.
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When is the best time to fish pampano, am from the Trinidad 🇹🇹 in the Caribbean,,I love fishing..
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The best time to fish for pompano in Trinidad is typically from late spring to early fall, roughly between April and September. This is when they're most abundant and close to shore. Happy fishing! 🎣
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4 months ago by Mark Totzke
Hey James, thanks for the feedback. Yeah the mobile app will also get an update with the new feature. But a little bit later in 2024. But the web version will have a mobile friendly layout as well. I will be quite good I think because the solunar clock will include all relevant weather data, including marine weather. Good idea, I'll add the Moon Over/Under times in the mobile app when I start working on next update.
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