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Location: Ashburn, US
Local Time: 04:22 am
Timezone: America/New_York
Latitude: 39.0437
Longitude: -77.4875

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Best Fishing Times
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  • good Day
  • Major:
    07:57 am - 09:57 am
  • Major:
    08:33 pm - 10:33 pm
  • Minor:
    12:48 am - 02:48 am
  • Minor:
    03:07 pm - 05:07 pm

Sun and Moon
  • Sunrise:
    07:28 am
  • Sunset:
    06:21 pm
  • Moonrise:
    01:48 am
  • Moonset:
    04:07 pm
  • moonphase Waning Crescent
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high 04:19 am 3.12 ft
low 11:34 am 0.36 ft
high 05:07 pm 2.92 ft
low 11:48 pm 0.33 ft
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Latest Catches
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I definitely agree to that! Thanks for sharing🎣 more
Very satisfying. Priceless moment for an Angler.... more
How exciting moment is this? more
Thanks, and it tasted pretty good too. more
A nice photo and a great catch! more
7 Day Fishing Weather
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Date Major Bite Times Minor Bite Times Sun Moon Moonphase Tide Times
Wed, 23 Oct
07:57 am - 09:57 am
08:33 pm - 10:33 pm
12:48 am - 02:48 am
03:07 pm - 05:07 pm
R: 07:28 am
S: 06:21 pm
R: 01:48 am
S: 04:07 pm
moon image
Waning Crescent
high: 04:19 am
low: 11:34 am
high: 05:07 pm
low: 11:48 pm
Thu, 24 Oct
08:51 am - 10:51 am
09:28 pm - 11:28 pm
02:00 am - 04:00 am
03:43 pm - 05:43 pm
R: 07:29 am
S: 06:20 pm
R: 03:00 am
S: 04:43 pm
moon image
Waning Crescent
high: 05:31 am
low: 12:32 pm
high: 06:09 pm
Fri, 25 Oct
09:45 am - 11:45 am
10:22 pm - 12:22 am
03:13 am - 05:13 am
04:18 pm - 06:18 pm
R: 07:30 am
S: 06:18 pm
R: 04:13 am
S: 05:18 pm
moon image
Waning Crescent
low: 12:54 am
high: 06:34 am
low: 01:26 pm
high: 07:06 pm
Sat, 26 Oct
10:38 am - 12:38 pm
11:15 pm - 01:15 am
04:26 am - 06:26 am
04:51 pm - 06:51 pm
R: 07:31 am
S: 06:17 pm
R: 05:26 am
S: 05:51 pm
moon image
New Moon
low: 01:55 am
high: 07:32 am
low: 02:17 pm
high: 07:58 pm
Sun, 27 Oct
11:31 am - 01:31 pm
10:54 pm - 12:54 am
05:39 am - 07:39 am
05:23 pm - 07:23 pm
R: 07:32 am
S: 06:16 pm
R: 06:39 am
S: 06:23 pm
moon image
New Moon
low: 02:51 am
high: 08:24 am
low: 03:06 pm
high: 08:47 pm
Mon, 28 Oct
12:26 pm - 02:26 pm
11:50 pm - 01:50 am
06:53 am - 08:53 am
05:59 pm - 07:59 pm
R: 07:33 am
S: 06:15 pm
R: 07:53 am
S: 06:59 pm
moon image
New Moon
low: 03:44 am
high: 09:16 am
low: 03:53 pm
high: 09:35 pm
Tue, 29 Oct
12:46 am - 02:46 am
01:21 pm - 03:21 pm
08:05 am - 10:05 am
06:37 pm - 08:37 pm
R: 07:34 am
S: 06:13 pm
R: 09:05 am
S: 07:37 pm
moon image
New Moon
low: 04:36 am
high: 10:05 am
low: 04:40 pm
high: 10:22 pm
*bold times indicate best fishing times around sunrise or sunset
The aim of this website is to provide vital fishing information for planning successful fishing trips. We want to give you the best fishing almanac the internet has to offer.
Fishing is a great hobby and in order to catch fish consistently we need to consider a wide range of parameters. We need to familiarize ourselves with the habitat of the target species, look for good fishing spots, decide which tackle to use, check weather, wind and tides and make an educated guess about the best time to go fishing on a given day.
Fishingreminder is here to help you decide when to go fishing. Fish have feeding times just like us, we call them bite times. But their feeding times follow a natural rythm of sun and moon. Because sun and moon will change during the years, months and days the bite times for each day will vary.
For that reason a specific theory was developed to describe and predict bite times. It's called the Solunar Theory. Fishingreminder uses this theory to calculate a fishing calendar based on sun and moon movements, tides and weather. We have even included knowledge from the ancient Maori fishing calendar in our calculations.
According to the Solunar Theory all wildlife and not only fish follow a similar feeding rhythm. Fishingreminder can therefore also be used for hunting and bird watching to find times of increased feeding activity.
Sometimes we are very busy with work and other commitments and don’t have time or forget to check for good fishing days regularly. Only to realize a week or so after new moon that we have just missed what could have been an epic fishing session.
That’s why Fishingreminder will scan the best fishing times for your location daily and remind you per email when you should go out fishing. Cause we know that nothing is more frustrating then to miss a great fishing opportunity.
On the site you will find Major and Minor Fishing Times, Sun and Moon information, Tide information if available and Weather info’s.
There is also a Forum, which you can use to ask people for advice or help others with your knowledge. In the Photo Section you can share your photos and show us what you caught and comment on photos.  We also have an Article section and try to upload interesting articles and links to help you become an even more successful fisherman.
So have fun, explore the site and share your thoughts and catches with us.

All the best and good luck to everyone!

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6 months ago by briankniffen
What the hell did you do to the website??
6 months ago by Mark Totzke
We're currently working on testing a new mobile layout. It will make the site faster and easier to use. Any feedback is appreciated. I know changes are not always welcome but are necessary to keep up to date.
6 months ago by Mark Totzke
As I can not test on every possible device, I'd really appreciate you guys reporting any errors you might encounter. The new features and layout is currently only turned on for mobile browsers.
6 months ago by Djordan72
I was initially shocked, but change is good sometimes. Let’s we hownit pans out.
6 months ago by Fishingreminder
thanks 👍😄there might still be a few hiccups here and there until we're finished testing.
6 months ago by Roosters13
Hi there. Just checking how the fishing is predicted on certain days and each day states ‘excellent ‘ but does not have the correct number of stars to represent excellent. Just thought I would let you know, if you don’t know already. Hope this makes sense. Regards
6 months ago by Mark Totzke
Hey Rooster13, thanks for spotting that. Will fix it right away. 👍
6 months ago by treblig
Looks nice more user friendly
6 months ago by Mark Totzke
Thanks treblig, that's what I was trying to achieve
6 months ago by Bernie Walker
Had a brief scroll through the pages. Everything seems to work smoothly. Keep up the great work!
6 months ago by TrishPTW somethihgfishy
Looks nice but how come I have not been getting my emails notices from you anymore😩🐟
6 months ago by Mark Totzke
thanks Trish, hmm the emails have been sent out - did you check if they might have ended up in your junk folder?
6 months ago by Marcial Castillo
Easier to use. Love it. Good job
6 months ago by Darris Fields
Been missing my email reminders.. Not getting them.. help.
6 months ago by Mark Totzke
Hmm, wondering what's going on with the reminders. They're all being send out. Looks like there's a problem with certain email providers. I'll investigate.
6 months ago by Breeze Veenstra
Totally enjoy this now
6 months ago by Breeze Veenstra
Put your dial in 24hr also
6 months ago by TrishPTW somethihgfishy
Still no reminders😩
6 months ago by Mark Totzke
Hi guys, you can switch to 24h clock or am/pm with the gear icon above the solunar clock. It brings up the display settings.
6 months ago by Mark Totzke
I found a small issue with the reminder emails. Hopefully that's fixed now.
6 months ago by chuga
Hi,its good
6 months ago by Jon Ropata Dustin
No problems with the reminders. Just the fishing is incredibly hard??😴
6 months ago by Mark Totzke
yeah fishing has been a bit tough over here as well. The weather isn't playing along at the moment. 🌧
6 months ago by Mark Totzke
by the way - I added a swipe left/right to the solunar clock to quickly change dates back and forth. Give it a try.
6 months ago by top fisher
Rough day! Staying off the waters for a few days
5 months ago by Joe Snyder
I've got 2 8lbs black bass on the wall. But so far this year I only got to go out once and it's a bad case of cabin fever.😂
5 months ago by bigcat
Fishing is great here in okeechobee Florida Bass to 10lbs is very common
5 months ago by Genevieve Parulan Vincent
I went fishing last Saturday & it says excellent fishing but didn’t catch anything.
5 months ago by Jefft
Caught 8 trout at Brookwood Trout Farm. Randburg South Afrixa
5 months ago by Jefft
At the Vaal river. Not a bite. Strange.
5 months ago by pikemaster
Fished Lake Cd'a, Id. Last week for pike. My first time on water this year. Caught 2, missed a couple others. Biggest was 10.1 lb. Water temp was 49 degrees. Fished 10 to 15' weeds, using a gold spoon. Many bigger ones to come
4 months ago by todd douglas
Got dinner last 6 of 7 trips mostly snapper near Port Charlotte and Englewood but have not been able to post pics anyone else having problems
4 months ago by Starman5
spent 2 weeks in Carnarvon WA fishing and diving was top notch once again. fish of the trip 82 cm coral trout around 8kg
4 months ago by Ms. Smith
The fishing time was very accurate today, almost to hhe minute! I caught 6 decent rainbow trout at SOUTHFORK RECREATIONAL PARK near Elko, Nevada.
4 months ago by Deerhunter715
great site i'll use it alot
4 months ago by mikah
Hi. Good to see u all.
4 months ago by Budweiser36
San Diego, Ca. La Mesa area catfish hunter.
4 months ago by Yeiko Jarek Rl
thank u
4 months ago by viettom
Why are there always more POOR predictions, than EXCELLENT? Just curious?
4 months ago by Mark Totzke
Hey viettom, there are only a few days each month when the solunar conditions are perfect (sun and moon align). This usually happens during new moon and full moon. You can still catch fish on poor or average days. But during the few excellent days each month your chances are best.
4 months ago by maiden merry
Absolutely love this site. It has helped me with preparing me for my fishing trips and my road trips. I usually know what to pack as far as allergies, and wind and sun. Amazing!
4 months ago by Danny Richard
Hi, I'm D.J.Richard.. went fishing yesterday evening caught one garfish 8 foot 2 inches and forgot to take a picture.. the gar was moving around so much we release it.. great fight enjoyed it.
4 months ago by Red Rider
On Monday June 9, you indicate fishing conditions will be "poor" while the In Fisherman web site says fishing conditions will be "excellent" for the same zip code. Can anyone tell me why there is such a great disparity in predictions?
4 months ago by Mark Totzke
Hi Red Rider, there a quite a few sites out there that don't follow the solunar times properly or just plainly have the wrong calculations. Sometimes they use wrong timezones or get their data from other third party providers that got wrong times of their own. Here at Fishingreminder I've been calculating fishing times for over 10 years now and did a lot of research into the Solunar Theory and of course I'm also an avid fisherman myself. I can't tell you why other sites might show you different times or day ratings - but I can assure you that my calculations follow the Solunar Theory very closely und undergo a lot of testing while taking into account the correct timezones, latitude, longitude, etc of your selected location. Hope that helps - tight lines 🎣🎣
4 months ago by davekiwi
love this site great for planning my trips.😄🚕
4 months ago by castabal
Excellent prediction
4 months ago by badbobby
need sol lunar tables for Houston Texas-please
4 months ago by Umpire
great tool !
4 months ago by Mark Totzke
Hey badbobby, just select Houston, Texas as your fishing location on top of the page ( click on the location name to select a new location ) 😉
4 months ago by Andy O
Wow the shad is running thick in Margate Sout Africa... good catches...
4 months ago by Mark Totzke
Fishing for Zander in Germany at the moment in the river Elbe. Good fun.
3 months ago by cogo44
Do the bite times take account of Daylight Saving when applicable?
3 months ago by Mark Totzke
Yes Daylight Savings differences are automatically detected and applied.
3 months ago by Donovan Philander
The gallies is.scares in falsebay
3 months ago by Rod breaker
Anyone with experience fishing Lake Garda Italy, pike ,perch?
3 months ago by Phillip Koontz
Thank you for your great services😎
3 months ago by Guide737
Is anyone else having trouble with the moon phase not updating? It shows “waxing crescent” for every day that I look at.
3 months ago by Junior Lakhansing
Hi Is there a 30 days focast
3 months ago by Rick Love
I live in Naturita Colorado.
3 months ago by Billiesindae
Fishing reminder is great! Thank you for the details on the best times to fish!
2 months ago by Patrick Mcbride
TY for web site, grandchild wants 2 go fshn. Solunar does work, lost my other site. Tanks again.
2 months ago by Andy O
Fishing in South Africa Durban is awesome, why does fishing reminders dont cover South ?.........
2 months ago by Larry-S
I'm trying this for the first time and see what happens.I will be fishing in Lewes,Delaware.I will let you know how it goes.
2 months ago by Snipe74
Love this site! Thanks!
2 months ago by Lesiba Piet Maruma
Tell me the do's and dont's when fishing. And what baits can I use when fishing barbs,carbs and korpers around polokwane in Limpopo (RSA)
2 months ago by Etienne Lombard
Is melkbosstrand good for fishing today?
2 months ago by Syyed Shazard Hosein
I love this site! Is there an app for android phones?
2 months ago by Hingol
Wonder why the leader is always stronger. If leader is weaker, while necessary to break a snagged line, lesser line is lost. If the leader is weaker, only the leader is lost.
2 months ago by Adelzfisher
Awesome site, very helpful. All thanks for the organizers 😃👍
2 months ago by Daniel Deneau
I sent you an reply earlier about this site changing my location on the average of every 3 days throwing my times off 1hr so I am going to go back to a previous version which I originally had been using for the past 2yrs. I really liked this version as I could get the sun & moon up down times easier. Thanks 😊
2 months ago by sahinyucel
Thanks I will obey your timing for fishing.
2 months ago by George Booyzen
1 month ago by Chris Jones Himderfella
I fish at the top end of a Lake & tides are read from the bottom of the Lake. The Tide lag at the top end is (according to my very rough estimate based on SmartPhone Tide information & watermark on a wharf pylon) 2.5 hours. So it becomes a small headache working out Tides & best fishing times in my area. I developed an Excel Spreadsheet using available Tide information, that allows for Tide Time Variance & calculates the best Fishing start times before & after Tide changes. I use it the first time today. We caught 4 fish. 4 times more than the last time we went fishing..
1 month ago by Syed Asif Ali
Good catches Uncle
1 month ago by Charlie2
I also have the same problem with changing times, I have to sign in every time, how can this problem be resolved
1 month ago by Sammoboy
Good calendar for fishing time
1 month ago by David Ski Molosi
Does Solunar Theory affect in-land dam fishing? I am asking specifically in reference to Botswana in Southern Africa, which is a landlocked country?? I ask because even on the best-predicted day, I have bumbed out......only to have a bonanza on a supposed POOR day?? Last week, September 1, was supposed to be 4/4 for Gaborone Dam but, albeit the foregoing....zip bites, zip ripples, zip fish!!? Please advise .....anyone??
1 month ago by Forrest Pawling
bad bait
3 weeks ago by tuppo2491
glad to be out of hospital
2 weeks ago by Suzette Aviso
a newbie question here. other than the star rating for the day, what else do I have to consider and look at to find the best time to fish? Is it the Major or Minor times? Thanks
1 week ago by Pint
pages wont print Pint
1 week ago by Mark Totzke
Major and Minor times are both great times to go fishing.
5 days ago by koos fourie
Thanks for your help
3 days ago by Spartacus Aurellus
This will help a lot
1 day ago by Leon Potgieter
Thank you going to be very useful
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